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Lighting the path

in an unsure world

World class consultants with a breadth of experience to guide your business toward success.  

What does the future look like?

Need help mapping out the future?

  • Financial Modeling
  • Market analysis​
  • Profitability by Project/Business Unit
  • Strategic Plan
  • Automated Reporting

Define success, measure it, and align your entire organization around achievable goals.

We can le​ad you through a well defined process; starting with Strategic Planning, then to metrics and financial budget, and down to individual group or employee tactical goals.


Meet the Team

Rachelle Muschett started consulting over the last few years to bring her data-driven decision making philosophy and to local small to midsize companies looking for a competitive edge. She can help you define success, measure it, and align your entire organization around achievable goals. A doer focused on moving obstacles aside – the point of analysis and planning is to DO great things. “Rachelle is an innate problem-solver; her analysis not only demonstrated the stats, numbers, and trends but more often than not, she offered practical solutions with action items that leadership would rely on to improve either productivity, profitability, or processes.

Ben has been supporting leaders with consulting services,

effective leadership coaching, and customized training

programs since 2007. He and his partners grow enterprises

that lead to fulfilling work opportunities for people living

and working in New Mexico.

He discovered that when we start with why, articulate and

share a core purpose, clarify a vision and document a clear

strategy, we make choices that are aligned and responsive

to our needs - now and in the future.

A New Mexico resident for 14 years, Ben was born in

Scotland and raised in California. He holds a master's

degree in Developmental Psychology and Holistic Health

from San Francisco State University and is a Certified

Martial Art Instructor. These were pursued in the interest

and importance of psychological, physical, and vocational

well-being, precursors to the attainment of higher-level

goals in work and in life.  

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